One of my most favorite things in life is hosting good friends and family in my home.  This is especially so when it’s friends from out of town.  I’ve discovered a few ‘tricks of the trade’ in regards to creating the perfect guest room ambiance.

To start, I like to fill the frames in the guest room of photos of myself with my visitors.  Since the sun rises at a disrespectful hour in the summers in Calgary, I included an eye mask for lazy mornings.  Lip chap is a necessity as most of my visitors go from grape to raisin the moment they land.   A small jewelry box on the bedside table allows guests to store their jewels, and a water carafe allows for thirsty travelers to quench their thirst without having leaving their room.  I plan on cooking a brunch one morning this week, so I whipped up a little menu to give my company some direction on what I have prepared for their visit.  The best part of all this preparation is hearing friends say they feel like my home is their home.

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