Cream and Grey 13

Aritzia Dress (similar here), Saint Laurent Pumps, Chanel Handbag, Tiffany Necklaces, Hermes Watch

There are various items in my closet that have a certain longevity that other pieces just can’t compete with.  My muted leopard print shirt dress would be the poster child for such a case.  I’ve had it for years now, but the classic style, print and fit allow me to reach for it time and time again.  Classic doesn’t have to mean boring, unless we’re talking literature it’s really just good sense.

Cream and Grey 12

Cream and Grey 8

Cream and Grey 6

Cream and Grey 7

Cream and Grey 4

Cream and Grey 3

Cream and Grey 14

Cream and Grey 9

Cream and Grey 11

Cream and Grey 10

2 Responses to Muted Print

  1. mayra says:

    I love, beautiful thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Jamie Fox says:

    Wow, amazing look and photos! Great post!!

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