Since I can remember if ever I was asked what my favorite food was my response was always the same, ice cream.  There has never been a particular flavor that I was drawn to, I’m pretty much an equal opportunity kind of lady.  I received an ice cream maker a few years ago and, have to admit, it very nearly ended up in the appliance graveyard.  All it took was one batch of ice cream to change that.  I have made an abundance of batches in a variety of flavors, but the strawberry ice cream recipe from this book takes the cake as one of my favorites.  I went the extra mile this time and whipped up homemade waffle cones too.  It was a little bit of perfection, and I did my best not too brag too much, but a little bit’s okay, right.




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  1. so loving your blog! great post with gorge pics – pinned! x

  2. […] day. in that spirit, please enjoy this weekend’s sparkles – and start with making some homemade strawberry ice cream (as shown […]

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