Camilla Caftan (similar here and here), Steve Madden Sandals, Alexis Bittar Earrings (similar here and here)

I came across these photos taken last July at my parents’ lake house.  It was right before I found out I was pregnant, and just seven months postpartum.  It was also right before the floor fell out from underneath me, hence why I never had the chance to post them.  It’s so interesting when you have the date of something that is so life changing.  A date where you can pinpoint an exact moment in time where everything changes.  I’ve had a few of these over the years, where life can be divided into before and after.  I can usually recall the most uncanny of details from those days as well.  What I was wearing, what I was thinking, what I was feeling.  Knowing almost immediately life would never be the same.  I’m getting better at embracing these moments, as many of them have brought such joy.  The ones that have brought pain or hardship have been the ones I’ve learnt the most from, and if we didn’t learn our lessons the hard way, well,  what kind of fun would that be.  So here’s a little flash back to warmer days amidst of all the snow and cold taking place currently.






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  1. Kim Whitton says:

    Love following your blog! Your style is elegant and your writing is superb….class personified!

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