Comfort Casual 9

Joie Pants, J. Crew Tank, Mike & Chris Leather Jacket (similar here), Love Quotes Scarf, New Balance Sneakers, 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbag, Gucci Watch

It’s been a deliciously good and busy week, which is why my poor blog has been so neglected.  Thankfully it’s winding down and there are plans for some much needed down time.  I had a tonne of running around to do yesterday, and since it was such an early start, the thought of climbing straight into something tight and binding was just not an option.  I have to say, these dressed up joggers are basically a dream come true.  Case-in-point, throwing on some glitzy jewels and trading in the sneaks for pumps would have allowed me to take this ensemble straight from day to happy-hour drinks.  We should probably have a beverage to celebrate that fact.

Comfort Casual 3-1

Comfort Casual 2

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Comfort Casual 5-1

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Comfort Casual 1

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