Lace Favorite 4

Self-Portrait Dress (similar here and here), Loeffler Randall Oxfords (similar here), Tiffany Earrings

I’ve talked about my love of dresses time and time again.  But every now and again you come across a dress that rises to the top of your favourites list and stays there for a significant period of time.  I spotted this beauty online and when I couldn’t shake my initial lust, even after allowing myself a couple of weeks to get over it, I knew that it was love.  The details of this dress are what makes it so special, the lace, the collar, the waistband.  It can stand on it’s own, without having to worry about which accessories to pair with it.  High heels or flats, you’re in luck, it looks fab with both.  I’ll stop gushing here, although I could go on for days.

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