Casual Layers 13

Kain Tee (different color), Paige Premium Denim, Current Elliot Shirt (similar here), J Crew Coat, Valentino Boots, Loeffler Randall Handbag (different color), Tiffany Necklace

When the weather falls between winter parka and fall coat, the best way to combat the cold is to layer up.  This is especially necessary in a city that can start out sub-Arctic, gather the strength to warm up, toss in a mid-afternoon blizzard and turn balmy by dinnertime.  It’s truly an art that we locals have mastered.  There’s nothing worse than starting your day in a thick wool sweater and spending half of it feeling as though you made a wrong turn at the water cooler and ended up in the sauna.  So if you’re wavering in the morning, sometimes the right decision is the one with many layers.

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