Hooded Leather 19

Vince Sweater, Rag & Bone Denim, Vince Leather Jacket, Rag & Bone Booties (also here), Love Quotes Scarf, Celine Handbag, Hermes Watch

The weather has officially changed here in YYC.  There’s a distinct Christmas feel chill in the air, snow is covering the ground, and winter parkas are officially in rotation.  Even though I accept that this is what’s happening, I’m taking is as a personal challenge to see just how long I can make it without having to parka-up.  The key to keeping warm in a city where the weather changes on the daily is layers upon layers.  As a gal that grew up in the city, I’ve had a bit of practice in this area, although I’m giving myself to the weekend to throw in the towel.

Hooded Leather 17

Hooded Leather 18

Hooded Leather 16

Hooded Leather 14

Hooded Leather 6

Hooded Leather 9

Hooded Leather 4

Hooded Leather 15

Hooded Leather 2

Hooded Leather 7

Hooded Leather 5

Hooded Leather 12

Hooded Leather 13

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  1. Love that jacket and the wash of your jeans.


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