On the Job 10

In the creative work that I do, I often come across individuals that inspire me.  And when I get lucky enough, I get to call these people my friends.  This past weekend I got to work with one such friend, doing her makeup for an athletic photo shoot.  I love being involved in a creative industry, and it’s moments like this when I’m so grateful that I do.  Tessa is a track and field all-star who also works as a trainer at Stenia Health and High Performance.  I caution you, the final photos of her shoot below may make you regret the nine four compost cookies you ate earlier this week, or that might just be me.

On the Job 13

On the Job2

On the Job 12

On the Job 11

On the Job 8

On the Job 6

On the Job 5

On the Job 4

Finished Product




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