Rainy Day  15

Rag & Bone Blouse (similar here), Rag & Bone Denim, Burberry Coat (similar here), Hunter Boots, Yves Saint Laurent Handbag, Banana Republic Belt, J.Crew Necklace, Gucci Watch, Chan Luu Bracelet

When I lived in Vancouver I perfected my rainy day attire.  I had rain boots that I could walk miles in, and coincidentally went with every item in my closet.  I had numerous umbrellas to choose from, allowing me coordinate with my ensemble.  So when the rain starts coming down in Calgary, I tend to get a bit excited as I race over to the items that don’t get used as often as they did when I loved on the coast.  It may seem a bit ironic then that my absolute favorite rain jacket was not purchased until I lived in a city where it rarely rains.  Of course I just see this detail as the slightest of technicalities, and it really just means I’ll have to visit Van city more often, you know, to get more wear from this little raincoat of mine.

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