The holiday season is inching it’s way into my home, and I’m accepting it with open arms.  Some people can be sensitive to the holiday season starting up too early, so in an effort to bridge the gap between both opinions (until December 1st hits) I found a fantastic treat that will satisfy everyone.    In the cookbook Making Cupcakes with LOLA, I saw this recipe for Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes with Coffee Cinnamon Buttercream.  While it could easily be upgraded to a holiday level baking project, it also serves as a fabulous fall dessert as is.  I can’t explain to you just how delicious these little cakes were.  But I did have to eat two three of them to get the tin foil wrapper looking just right in the final picture.

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  1. Chris Lassu says:

    Great Pics!! Good Job!

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