Equipment Blouse, Yigal  Azrouel Skirt, Yves Saint Laurent Pumps, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Yves Saint Laurent Clutch, Hermes Watch, Alden Rae Bracelet

I’ve had to work hard at not gravitating to black every chance I get.  It’s still a struggle to go outside of the box and pick a color, or gasp… something with multiple colors.  Black is just so easy to pair with everything, it’s slimming, and is brilliant at hiding stains.  So it was right in my comfort zone to pair this particular top and bottom together.  While I’m in some color, I have a little bit of black supporting and grounding the outfit.   Yet, somehow not enough black to cover the coffee that I inevitably spilt on myself later in the day.

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  1. Great look Gen!! Loving all of the blog posts… And especially the AldenRae mention;) we will have to send you some of the new holiday colors when they launch in two weeks! Xx

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