I can remember the exact moment I received a pair of my first ‘stylish’ shoes.  The type of shoe you put on and get an abundance of compliments that makes you feel like you’ve just solved the world peace issue.  I love that it doesn’t matter if you’ve gained some weight or lost some weight, the shoe always fits.  And it seemed like a fleeting, crossing fingers, toes and elbows moment when I suggested that one of the spare rooms be converted into a dressing/shoe room.  Jacqueline Corea from Corea Sotropa went above and beyond to make this little dream a reality.  It feels like another world when I enter this room, proverbial birds chirp, doves fly overhead, and I’m lost in the beauty that surrounds me.

4 Responses to Dream Dressing Room

  1. Kat Skull says:

    I would LOVE to have this as my own. When can I move in?

  2. Jacqueline says:

    What a thrill it was to design that room! All of us here at Corea Sotropa drooled over your spectacular shoe collection and wished we had a room like this of our own. It was such a pleasure to create it for you Mikki, and we really appreciate you sharing it on Centre Stree Style.
    xo Jacqueline

  3. HOLY moly! this is what dreams are made of! congrats on your new space – it’s stunning! dare i say… pinned once again! x

  4. K. 1% Happy for you, 99% Jealous. Hate you a little right now…

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