Club Monaco Romper (similar romper), Club Monaco Sweater, Valentino Espadrille, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Hermes Watch, Tiffany Bracelet

I had such a relaxing weekend, one that was filled with dinners out, date night at the movies, my basically like my niece niece’s first birthday party, and a long Sunday run.  This romper has been perfect for these summer days, it’s such an easy piece that’s beyond comfortable.  I finished my weekend off by taking my dog Dozer for a Sunday evening stroll, a very very slow stroll.  He’s extremely temperamental in this hot weather…  he would prefer to be sunning himself on a deck anywhere else.

2 Responses to Sunday Stroll

  1. Anita says:

    Mikki!!! I miss you, Dozer and Tank!!! Love your blog!! I left a link to mine, a working progress for sure. I haven’t had much time to invest in it but trying:) Hope all is well and really hope we can reconnect again soon.
    Take care for now and can’t wait for the next post:)


  2. Lené says:

    Dozer doesn’t look thrilled, but he makes a great fashion accessory. Love the espadrilles.

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