Aritzia Maxi Dress (similar here, here, and here), Gucci Sandals, Hermes Watch, David Yurman Bracelet, Tiffany Necklace

It’s safe to say I’m in full fledge summer mode.  Lazy days spent at the lake, BBQ’s with friends, long morning walks, and copious amounts of sangria.  My July is stacked with travel, events, friends and lake life, so I’m trying my best to prep ahead of time so that I can enjoy every possible minute of the fun.  On repeat, effortless maxi dresses that get me from  day to eve with ease.







Aritzia Dress (similar here, here and here), Mike + Chris Leather Jacket, Rag & Bone Boots, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, Hermes Watch, David Yurman Bracelet

I’ll admit, my posting has been non-existent as of late.  I honestly thought I would be back blogging more consistently by six months postpartum.  How cute.  I thought running a half marathon would get me into pre-baby shape.  Adorable.  I thought, oh it will be so easy throwing the baby in the car mid-day, meet my blogging buddy/photographer and hammering out some fab photos of the two of us.  How darling.  Have you seen one post of me and my beautiful baby…case in point.  I see other bloggers handling all of the above mere days or weeks post baby.  But not I, no sir, not even close.  But it’s okay, eventually I will find a rhythm again.  I will fit into my fabulous wardrobe, I will feel like myself, and I will accomplish more than I ever thought I could in a day.  For now I will embrace this less than perfect physique, that doesn’t even come close to being squished into that fabulous wardrobe.  I will not beat myself up about being late or forgetful or so tired that nothing gets done in a day.  I will embrace that if the one thing I feel like I’m nailing right now is this parenting gig, while everything else looks and feels like a landfill, it’s okay.  In fact it’s better than okay.  My heart now lives on the outside of my chest in the form of a little rosy cheeked, blue eyed bundle of perfection.  And I wouldn’t trade that for anything, not even my old bod.









Every now and again I have one of those mornings, you know the kind I’m talking about.  Those mornings where everything goes right.  You’ve cleaned the kitchen, there’s a load of laundry going strong, and the baby is down for a nap, all before 9am.  It was on one of these days where I was feeling particularly ambitious.  I sat with my cup of coffee gloating in my pulled-together glory and decided to take on baking a cake, because why the heck not.  I was winning at life that day, so I decided to carry on.  (Side note: you may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted much since my baby was born 5 months ago.  I think you can establish for yourselves how often these days of winning at life happen.  Once, it’s happened once.)

If I was to bake a cake, on this rare occasion, it had to be from my baking bible, The Sweetapolita Bakebook.  And with the long weekend just past and summer quickly approaching, the delicious Campfire Deluxe Cake caught my eye.  Now I’m not going to sugar coat it for you my friends, this cake was a ton of effort.  For full disclosure, this isn’t a quick throw-together creation that you bring to suck up at the water cooler.  This is a time investment.  It’s a make the people about to eat it fall in love with you, while simultaneously wanting to claw your eyes out for being such a fabulous baker, kinda cake.  This is an ego builder, prep for all the compliments you will receive, sorta dessert.  And it’s totally worth it.  Layers of chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, graham cracker crumble, and marshmallow frosting times six stories.  For those of you wanting to dip your toe instead of cannon-bombing in, there’s an equally delicious but toned down version of the Campfire Cake here.









It’s tremendously overwhelming to be a first time parent.  The sheer vastness of information is truly mind boggling, often presented to you with varying degrees of passion in regards to a plethora of subjects.  Which is why  I felt incredibly lucky that so many amazing women in my life have gone before me.  I’ve been able to navigate which items are worth investing in and which we can do without, based on the experiences of others.  But honestly, you don’t completely know until you’re in the trenches.  So I thought I would compile a list of the essentials from the first three months, items that have been tried, tested and truly earned their place in our personal baby repertoire.

  1. Boon ‘Lawn’ Drying Rack – Sterilizing bottles and soothers can become a full time job as a new parent, and instead of messing around with a drying rack where parts could get lost, this little patch of greens not only looks cute, it’s perfectly practical too.
  2. 4moms Infant Tub – We received this beauty of a bathtub at my baby shower, and I can’t imagine bath time without it.  As a first time parent who obsesses naturally worries over what temperature the water should be, the concern is effectively eliminated with the built in temperature gauge.  You also have the option of continuously running the water, allowing the old H2O to clear out and fresh stuff to come on in.
  3. ERGObaby Carrier and Insert – There are a million and one different baby carrier options out there, but luckily under the direction of my sister I was able to test drive her ERGObaby before purchasing one myself.  The handy insert for babies under 3 months allows your little one to be snug as a bug in a rug against your chest while doing anything from walking to hiking.
  4. Bugaboo Cameleon³ Stroller – This was by far the most exciting purchase we made before Eloise showed up (remember, it’s the little things people).  I had always loved the look of these strollers, but it was when I got invited to a media dinner with a Bugaboo representative my feelings went from luke warm to scalding.  Every little bit of this stroller has been strategically considered.  Designed for an urban experience, the Cameleon³ is user friendly, fabulously functional, and has fun add ons.  Honestly I have used it nearly every single day and my love only grows stronger by the hour.
  5. 4moms MamaRoo Bouncer – I was lucky enough to be able to borrow this gem of bouncer from one of my dear friends, but let me tell you, had I not, I definitely would have made the plunge to purchase myself.  With multiple options of bounce style, when I need a moment to get something done (hello shower), or I have a fussy baby on hand, the MamaRoo is a guarantee to get her sleeping.  Now, if only I could find one in adult size for myself…
  6. Aden + Anais Swaddling Cloths – All my girlfriends who have gone before recommended these swaddling cloths as an absolute essential in our baby raising repertoire, and boy, they weren’t exaggerating.  I use mine for swaddling, as a breast feeding/stroller/carseat cover, and a million other things.  They’re light weight and breathable, so the anxiety about them suffocating the baby is cut in half, at least.
  7. SoYoung Charlie Diaper Bag –  Before I had a baby I would often dream about the perfect diaper bag that could stylishly carry me through motherhood.  And while this one isn’t Vuitton, it checked all the boxes and then some.  The features of this bag are so incredibly well thought out.   The size isn’t overwhelming and yet it doesn’t feel restrictive either.  Best of all, it straps right on to the handlebars of my stroller.  When you’re a mom hands-free is the equivalent of a boutique couriering your packages home so you can go for lunch with the girls.  Enough said.


Isabella Oliver Dress, ASOS Scarf, Loeffler Randall Handbag, Maternity Spanx Nylons, J Crew Necklace, Burberry Boots (similar here)

To say that the last 6 weeks have been eventful would be a complete understatement.  Life has changed drastically in the best way possible, and there truly aren’t words that can describe how full my heart feels.  Sleep has been replaced with cuddles, make up and brushing my hair have temporarily been put on hold, and my blog has taken a content hit.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  After six weeks I’m finally feeling ready to inch my way back to posting, and promise that, at most, this blog will only ever be a part time baby blog.  These images were the last photos taken before my sweet sweet daughter graced us with her presence, and it still blows my mind that I created a human, from scratch.  It’s a tremendous gift that is not taken for granted, and everyday I feel so lucky that I get to be her mom.  I promise I’ll get to all the details of this little lady, but first, sleep.