Old Navy Maternity Dress, H &M Maternity Tights, Chanel Booties, Burberry Coat, Celine Handbag

With my impending due date closing in, though not nearly fast enough, I realized I needed something for a wedding this past weekend.  I had to pull on my big girl (literally) panties to wrap my head around having to find something to wear.  In these late stages of pregnancy, knowing that this could be my last time being pregnant, I don’t want to invest in any additional maternity pieces.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to find this fabulous floral number that can be dressed up or down, at an equally fabulous price point.  For the wedding I nixed the tights, wore some fab high heels and let my hair down.  The best part is I can absolutely see myself wearing this for Easter, styled slightly differently, a couple of weeks post baby.  Bonus, extra room for all of that chocolate I plan on eating.

Aritzia Blouse, Alice + Olivia Cardigan, Prada Coat, Prada Booties, Yves Saint Laurent Handbag

I’ve found dressing for pregnancy this second time around more exhausting than exhilarating.  The first time I was pregnant it was exciting, I finally got to don those cute maternity dresses that show off your bump with pride.  I got to revel in how new and exciting everything was, and I made purchases knowing that I’d probably be able to use those items again.  This time around is considerably less glamorous, chasing around a toddler whilst getting larger by the day really puts a damper on those fabulous ensembles.  Luckily there are some staples that still fit and are able to get me through the day when I do decide to ditch the joggers.  So like a couple times once a week when I do manage to pull it together for a meeting or lunch or date night, something very similar to this look is on repeat.  Can we just take a moment to wholeheartedly thank the inventor of leggings?

It’s officially heart day and I’m going back through the blog and rounding up previous Valentine’s Day inspired posts (click on the photos to take you back to the original post).  Whether you’re looking for an outfit to don for date night, some last minute hosting ideas, or just some overall pink and red infused inspiration, it’s here for the taking.  My Valentine’s Day this year will be spent with the loves of my life in a more low-key manner.  Dinner at home complete with wine cranberry juice and sippy cups.  Pregnancy tends to put a damper on these more romantic moments.  Whatever it is you’re up to, remember this day doesn’t have to be all about romantic love, spending all or part with friends and family is tops in my book.




Camilla Caftan (similar here and here), Steve Madden Sandals, Alexis Bittar Earrings (similar here and here)

I came across these photos taken last July at my parents’ lake house.  It was right before I found out I was pregnant, and just seven months postpartum.  It was also right before the floor fell out from underneath me, hence why I never had the chance to post them.  It’s so interesting when you have the date of something that is so life changing.  A date where you can pinpoint an exact moment in time where everything changes.  I’ve had a few of these over the years, where life can be divided into before and after.  I can usually recall the most uncanny of details from those days as well.  What I was wearing, what I was thinking, what I was feeling.  Knowing almost immediately life would never be the same.  I’m getting better at embracing these moments, as many of them have brought such joy.  The ones that have brought pain or hardship have been the ones I’ve learnt the most from, and if we didn’t learn our lessons the hard way, well,  what kind of fun would that be.  So here’s a little flash back to warmer days amidst of all the snow and cold taking place currently.






It seems like forever since I baked anything, let alone something new to add to my repertoire.  Since I hadn’t yet christened the kitchen of my new home, I thought, what better excuse than a Valentine’s Day treat for my loved ones.  I found this delicious recipe for Cinnamon Heart Cookies from the Butter Baked Goods – Butter Celebrates cookbook.  These sweet treats are the perfect mix of sweet with a subtle kick of spice to offset all of the chocolate that usually happens on this day.  The recipe suggests using a one-inch cookie cutter, making these cookies a one-bite beauty, which means ten of these bad boys is equivalent to one regular size cookie…right?