Isabella Oliver Shirt, AG Maternity Jeans, Gucci Slides, Aritzia Scarf, Kate Spade Earrings

I recently had to add some new maternity pieces into my wardrobe.  Getting pregnant again before losing all of the baby weight from before means that even the items that I was able to wear at the end of my first pregnancy no longer fit.  I had a moment of convincing myself that I could solely live in sweats for the remaining three months, as long as I stayed out of the public eye.   I even convinced myself, for all of five minutes, that I could lose weight within the next month and fit into those items again.  But alas, common sense gave me a kick in the ass and I listened to the advice that I give my personal shopping clients.  I took the old goods to the consignment store and bought some fabulous new goods in a much larger size that look and feel amazing.  As much as I love and feel so blessed to be pregnant with this little one, I’ll admit that I can’t wait to not be pregnant for a stretch longer than six months.  Now please pass the wine…I mean cranberry juice.

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