Before taking my little hiatus I had written a post about items that were lifesavers in the first three months of having my daughter.  Although she’s already over a year now, I wanted to share the items that have earned their place of importance for that six month milestone.  I have to say that every single one of these items are still being used daily, and even six months later I would hands down recommend everything on the list.

  1. Bugaboo ‘Runner’ Stroller Base – In my three month post I had mentioned how we opted to go with the Bugaboo Cameleon³.  One of the fabulous features of this stroller is that you can buy the running base separately and use the seat you already own from your current Bugaboo stroller.  It meant we didn’t have to buy whole separate stroller, and the Bugaboo Runner Stroller Base is the same amazing quality as the stroller itself.  I put on my fair share of miles before I got pregnant this second time around, and I can’t wait to use it again come the summer.
  2. Lascal Kiddyguard Accent Gate –  This baby gate is by far the best option that I’ve found out there other than getting something custom made.  When the little ones are finally in bed and the gate can be taken down it rolls up inside itself so discreetly you almost can’t even tell it’s there.  There’s no bar on the bottom to trip over, and the latch system is pretty much child/spouse proof.
  3. You’re Here For a Reason Book – Part of our nightly routine is a book before bed, and there’s only so much Dr. Seuss this girl can take.  My girlfriend recommended this book, and I can never rarely make it through without shedding a little tear.  The name says it all.
  4. Ikea ANTILOP Highchair – With so many options of fancy high chairs out there, we couldn’t be happier with choosing the cheap and cheerful route for this purchase.  This Ikea treasure does everything it’s supposed to without taking up too much space or being an eye sore, the best part is that it’s a fraction of the cost of many of the others out there.  Which means more money leftover for shoes.
  5. Nuna Sena Mini – We put the playpen purchase off as long as we could, and after borrowing a few different models from friends, and this exact model from my sister, there was a clear winner.  The Nuna Sena is incredibly easy to set up and take down, packs up like a dream and comes with a slick carrying case.  We not only use it when out and about, but it’s gotten almost as much use from visiting friends when their littles need a nap.
  6. Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy – Eloise was six months when the summer months rolled in, and for the first little bit we would drape a muslin blanket over her stroller to keep the sunshine off of her, all the time worrying about whether she was overheating.  When we came across the Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy we breathed a sigh of relief.  It has multiple screens on either side allowing for air flow, flaps that roll up, and runs the entire length of the stroller seat, prohibiting any type of bug or creepy crawly to get in.
  7. Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator – I have to say that pre-baby I used to make fun of this little contraption.  The concept of it made my stomach churn and I thought it was so repulsive.  Let me tell you though, the first time our daughter came down with a cold and we used it on her, allowing her to get some relief and fall asleep, I would have invested my life savings in it.  I cannot explain how essential this little snot sucker has been.
  8. Sophie la Girafe – I had heard the story of the famous Sophie the Giraffe, and I have gifted it quite a bit over the years at baby showers.  It was fascinating watching my own daughter take to Sophie and love and adore the little plastic giraffe as much as other parents had promised their little ones had.  Unfortunately for us the dogs also love Sophie…I think we’re on Sophie number three now, but don’t tell Eloise.

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