Pop of Cheetah 1

Aritzia Dress, Maternity Spanx, Burberry Coat (similar here), Escada Scarf (similar here and here), Burberry Boots, Chanel Handbag

When I realized I’d be most pregnant during the holiday season I rejoiced in the amazing ensembles I would be able to don,  cute little baby bump in tow.  Of course at this point I believed I would look and feel just like the pregnant women from TV, you all remember Jennifer Aniston when Rachel was pregnant on Friends, right?  I couldn’t have miscalculated the situation more than I did, and the struggle to find anything that can be dressed up, while hugging and hiding in all the right places has been my own personal Da Vinci Code.  I’m embracing the last few weeks of this incredible journey, but I’m not going lie, I can’t wait to reconnect with all of the clothing currently on sabbatical in my closet.

Pop of Cheetah 4

Pop of Cheetah 6-1

Pop of Cheetah 10

Pop of Cheetah 9

Pop of Cheetah 3

Pop of Cheetah 7

Pop of Cheetah 5

Pop of Cheetah 2

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