70s Vibe 5-1

ASOS Maternity Dress, Adrienne Landau Fur Vest (different colour here), Rag & Bone Boots, Celine Handbag, Tiffany Earrings

While it’s probably evident, partially due to my lack of posting, as well as my current ‘knocked up’ situation, I haven’t been following the fashion trends for my personal wardrobe this season.  I’m ogling from afar and wishing so badly I could participate.  But when you’re dealing with maternity clothing and a new body shape, investing any amount of money into clothing is about as appealing as your car breaking down on the freeway.  The 70s trend going on right now is tops and when I came across this maternity dress that had a bohemian flare, I was ecstatic about all the ways I could style it this fall.  I’m warning you now, this isn’t the last time you’ll see this number on the blog before the year is out.

70s Vibe 1

70s Vibe 2-1

70s Vibe 13-1

70s Vibe 9

70s Vibe 16-1

70s Vibe 4-1

70s Vibe 10

70s Vibe 11-1

70s Vibe 8

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  1. Love these colours! Great to see you’re still doing well :).

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