Robe Photoshoot 32-1

It all started as a gift for my first niece, then it became my go-to baby shower present.  Then I was getting requests, so I finally decided to put these little homemade housecoats on Etsy, to allow access to everyone.  The story of the robe goes back to my grandmother, a talented seamstress, who not only made fabulously fashionable dresses for us grandchildren, but also made us robes growing up.  There was nothing better than opening up that box and discovering a crisp, new, cozy little handmade robe.  So in dedication to her, and to all the wondrous little people in my life, I’ve hand-crafted each little robe with the utmost care and love.  You can check out the current selection on Etsy here.  Warning, these cute and cuddly housecoats have nothing on the little people that don them.

Robe Photoshoot 3-1

Robe Photoshoot 24

Robe Photoshoot 22

Robe Photoshoot 28-1

Robe Photoshoot 21

Robe Photoshoot 39

Robe Photoshoot 4-1

Robe Photoshoot 2-1

Robe Photoshoot 37-1

Robe Photoshoot 19-1

Robe Photoshoot 5

Robe Photoshoot 8-1

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