Glam Sweat Suit 7

Tory Burch Sweater (Tunic version here), Tory Burch Skirt, Brooks Brothers Shirt, ASOS Bow, Saint Laurent Pumps, Alexander Wang Handbag, Shinola Watch

When I was young I can recall  having a sweatsuit ensemble that consisted of a sweatshirt and sweat-skirt.  It was emerald green in colour and I wore it to my Grade 1 school pictures, having that little outfit captured permanently in history.  What made the whole situation even cooler was the fact my sister had the exact match, in purple.  I loved that little ensemble, and when I came across the grown-up Tory Burch version I just about lost my shit.  Of course there are upgrades to my adult version, such sparkles and a sophisticated colour palette, but the comfort and cool factor is still the same as it was back then.


Glam Sweat Suit 2

Glam Sweat Suit 3


Glam Sweat Suit 4

Glam Sweat Suit 8


Glam Sweat Suit 9

Glam Sweat Suit 1

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