Pink Accents 9

Equipment Blouse (similar here and here), Diane von Furstenberg Skirt (similar here), Aquazurra Sandals (different colour here), Stella McCartney Handbag (different colour here), Chanel Watch, Charriol Bracelet, David Yurman Bracelet

During the winter months I tend to be drawn to a wardrobe that consists heavily of black.  There is some practicality involved as the winter months bring dirt in spades, which more often than not I end up wearing in some capacity.  So typically when the weather starts warming up, often does my ensemble colour choices.  I have to say though, incorporating black, even in summer, never seems like a bad idea.  Especially when paired with white.  This gives me an opportunity to wear white, but when I undoubtedly spill coffee all over me, the black accents are there to help cover it up.

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