Leopard 4

Vince Blouse, Rag & Bone Leather Leggings, Topshop Coat, Louis Vuitton Boots (similar here), Escada Scarf, Chanel Handbag (similar here), Coach Leather Gloves

It’s about this time of year that I miss the West Coast the most.  Even though it’s been over three years since I ventured to Calgary, I miss that the cherry blossoms in front of our old house are starting to bloom now.  The grass is a vibrant green at the park that was down the street from us, and the rain was starting to let up.  Here in Calgary we’re still in the midst of winter, and the thought of blooming flowers and green grass is months away.  Thank goodness I have a rendezvous to California planned, or I’d have to seriously start considering a relocation back to Vancouver.

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