Crossover 4

Club Monaco Blouse, R13 Crossover Jeans, Gianvito Rossi Pumps, Yves Saint Laurent Handbag (different color here), J Crew Earrings, Michael Kors Watch, Stella & Dot Bracelet, Swarovski Bracelet

I’m all about trying new things, in fashion that is, otherwise trying anything new is more like a bad scene from the national budget debate.  That’s the fantastic thing about fashion though, it’s not too serious that you have to worry about making an incorrect decision every now and again when putting yourself out there to try something new.  I’ve loved these crossover denim pants for a while now, but only recently decided to give them a go. I’ve received a ton of comments and it’s approximately a 50/50 split on the love/hate register.  Good thing my vote is the only one that currently counts, and I’m 110% into them.

Crossover 9

Crossover 12

Crossover 14

Crossover 17

Crossover 10

Crossover 11

Crossover 8

Crossover 16

Crossover 1

Crossover 6

Crossover 3

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