Running ErrandsTrench Coat / Jeans / Onesie / Sneakers

Play Date – Sweater / Romper / Sneakers

Sunday Brunch – Sweater / Romper / Flats

Birthday PartyDress / Jean Jacket / Flats

On Monday I became an Auntie for the second time, to the gorgeous little Quinn Grace.  It’s such an amazing feeling being an Auntie and I get all the fun moments that involve snuggles, showering my nieces with gifts and playing to my heart’s content.  Since I’m not a mom I don’t look at gifts in terms of practicality, it’s all cuteness level for me.  So my favorite gifts to give, (surprise, surprise) are adorable outfits.  I spend hours in the store styling these little ensembles, and it’s usually around this time that my ovaries start their own mini gymnastics routine.  I thought I would share with you all some ideas on the most darling little outfits that are guaranteed to get everyone ooo’ing and aww’ing.  (Reader discretion: the level of cuteness you are about to see may cause your own ovaries to start up…I take no responsibility for this side effect).

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