Earlier this week Jaclyn of Sharing My Sole tagged me to share five things about myself that may not be known to my readers.  I’ve loved reading about other blogger’s fun facts, so I’m sharing my own below.

  1. I’ve only had stitches once in my life.  I was five and thought it would be clever to scale my brother’s dresser by pulling out the drawers and using them as stairs.  I still have the scar.
  2. I have asthma.  It’s well managed but created havoc in my earlier years.
  3. Due to point #2 I wore a fanny pack for many years.  But it was neon and super cool.  It housed my inhalers, thus the need to wear it 24/7.
  4. I have a closet similar to Monica’s secret closet in Friends.  It’s where all the junk goes to die, and I would be mortified for anyone to see it.  At least twice a year I pull everything out, rearrange it, and shove it back in.
  5. I had a pet gerbil when I was younger.  There’s photo evidence of me loving, playing and cuddling it.  You couldn’t pay me to touch a gerbil these days, they actually make me squeamish in the pet store.  I still can’t believe we got that one past my mom.

Okay, next up let’s here from the lovely ladies Kate, Sheri-Ann and Lisa!


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