50s Inspired 9

Alice + Olivia Skirt (similar here) and Blouse, Alice + Olivia Jacket, Yves Saint Laurent Pumps, Yves Saint Laurent Clutch, Hermes Watch, David Yurman Bracelet, Swarovski Bracelet

There are certain eras of fashion that really speak to me.  The 50s in all of it’s cinched waist, full skirted glory is one of those eras.  So it’s needless to say that when I came across this very 50s-esqe skirt, it had to be mine.  I love the femininity of this look, and how, despite the theory of it, the abundance of fabric is so incredibly flattering.  This outfit is definitely worthy of a fabulous night out, and a few twirls too.

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3 Responses to 50s Inspired

  1. Bria says:

    One of my favourite looks!! That bow jacket is just too much for words. Sigh – let’s pretend we’re in the 50’s for just a little while?


  2. Wendy says:

    Love this one Mikki!

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