Cold Climate 2

J. Crew Blouse, Rag & Bone Sweater, Rag & Bone Denim, Burberry Boots (similar here), Burberry Parka, Alexander Wang Handbag, Coach Gloves, Aritzia Hat

I braved the cold yesterday and had a fabulous time connecting with friends and family.  At every opportunity I indulged in hot coffee or soup to aid in my warmth.  I find that even though this is my third winter in Calgary, I’m still getting used to the long winters.  All the spring fashion that is coming out is a complete tease, and months away from being able to be worn here.  The only thing to do while I wait for the warm weather is to kill the time with fabulous friends and tasty treats.  Doesn’t sound too bad after all.

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2 Responses to Cold Climate

  1. You look so chic! This is the perfect subarctic winter look!

    Kate xo

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