I absolutely love scarves.  I love the way they’re able to add a new dimension to your outfit, all the while maintaining the practical aspect of keeping you warm.  Recently though, I was finding that my scarves were looking more accessory road kill than accessory chic.  I came across an over-the-door three-tiered towel rack that solved all my problems.  It was incredibly inexpensive, I didn’t have to drill any holes, hammer in any nails or build any shelves.  I can now see all of my scarves hanging neatly, patiently waiting their turn.  They’re no longer collecting dust and I’m reaching for them so much more often.  I guess I’d say, problem solved.







4 Responses to Scarf Solutions

  1. What a genius idea – perfect for keeping scarf organized (and off the floor) and on display! I’m definitely going to have to go in search of one of those racks!

    Kate xo

    • mikkiadmin says:

      I looked at so many options for my scarves and am so thrilled with how this turned out! You should definitely try it too.

  2. Genius! Can’t wait to pick one of these up!

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