The idea of having a pantry was not only a luxury, but also a strong selling point when I moved from Vancouver to Calgary.  Going from one shelf in the kitchen to an entire closet seemed almost too good to be true.  Being able to go the grocery store and purchase multiple items to ‘store’ in your pantry?  All of this sounded fantastic, until my pantry started resembling the above photo.  I decided that in the spirit of starting fresh in 2013, I would come up with a system to help keep this pantry as pretty as possible.  Using a combination of clear plastic containers and clean, streamlined baskets with handmade labels did the trick.  It’s so pretty inside I may start giving tours to my guests.

2 Responses to Pretty Pantry

  1. Jaclyn says:

    I am so so jealous of your perfectly organized pantry! This is amazing. An OCD girl’s dream. 🙂


  2. Chris Lassu says:

    How much to do my pantry???

    I’ll pay anything!!

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