We all have one.  For some it’s as small as a drawer and for others it’s an entire room.  It’s the place where the junk in the house goes to die.  I’m definitely the organizer of the family, and am often called to the line of fire for these types of organizational jobs.  In this case it was decided that this hoarding room would actually serve better use as a luxe guest room for fabulous out of town visitors.

It only took three hours to empty out the room and go through all of its contents.  We made piles of Keep, Donate and Discard, and made sure everything was packed away in airtight plastic bins.

It took another two hours the next day to disassemble and reassemble the bed and dress it up with beautiful bedding.  We hung pictures, brought in fresh flowers searched the house for frames, candles and trays and viola… a little bit of perfection.

These homeowners did their homework, and before touching the storage hoarding room, had a company come in to install shelving racks from their garage ceiling.   Now everything has a place and everything is in its place.  I’m crossing my fingers it stays this way.

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