I discovered quinoa when everyone started raving about it as the next super-food.  I’m often skeptical about these things, but once I tried it, I fell hard.  It goes with just about everything, on top of salads, as a substitute for rice, and you can even hide it in a cake.  The best thing about this particular recipe is that all of my gluten-free gal pals can enjoy it too.


3 Responses to Bocconcini and Oregano Salad

  1. Brett says:

    Can I have some? Yummm

  2. Kara-Leigh says:

    Holly dynamite, i am trying this tonight, thanks Mikki!!!

  3. […] and some tasty treats.  I made my infamous mac and cheese, that I promise to feature on here soon, bocconcini salad, meatballs, cheese and crackers and lots of veg.  The best part of the evening was being voted in […]

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