One of the most efficient ways to create a dramatic make up effect with minimal effort is through the lip.  What makes it so much fun at the moment is the amazing colors available.  No longer are we stuck with the tradition red lip to spice things up.  Various shades of pink, coral and tangerine are making their way into the hearts and make up kits of ladies everywhere.

I thought I would share my beauty routine when creating a dramatic lip.  First, at the start of a makeup application I like to apply a moisturizer to the lip.  By the time you’re ready to add some color to your pout, your lips will be smooth and hydrated instead of dry and flaky.   Outline your lips with a lip liner in a coordinating shade and then fill in the entire lip.  Using a lip brush, apply your lipstick on top of the lip liner.  The key to a professional grade lip is applying the product with a lip brush.   Finally, again using your lip brush, brush on a lip gloss.  You can have some fun here, pick a gloss with some shimmer, glitter or a glass like finish, and apply liberally.  This weekend let your hair down, let you tan glow, and show off that perfect pink pout.

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  1. Brett says:

    Cute! I love the color!!!

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